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Commercial Upholstery



For your convenience we're able to provide an estimate of cost and material yardage with photos and dimensions.

The team of professionals at AW Canvas & Upholstery can reupholster and repair a wide range of commercial upholstery applications including restaurants, hotels, gyms, churches, medical facilities, professional offices, court rooms, and medical furniture — at affordable prices.


AW Canvas provides custom restoration for upholstered seating and booths to match existing designs and fabrics. We can fabricate custom-made and upholstered bar rails, counter walls, gaming tables, benches, chairs or bar stools.

As restaurant owners know, public seating takes a beating. How the frame is made, how foam is applied and the application of the materials are subject to the longevity of the furniture. Fabrics that stretch will not last as long as folks need to scoot over. The proper application of a fabrics 'stretch,' and attributes of fabric content extend the durability and prevent wear. Fabric choice does provide an important aspect to re-upholtery and we will help guide you to the most proper fabric.

Once a wear spot is created on upholstered vinyl or fabric seats, backs or arms there is no stopping continual damage. It continues to worsen until the time when folks refuse to sit down at the offered seating. We provide complete upholstery services for many major national and regional chain restaurants as well as bar and restaurant owners throughout South Carolina , parts of North Carolina and upper Georgia. Our ' ON SITE ' upholstery services provide 'before and after hours' installations to minimize disruption to business.

Material:  Contract grade vinyl, Leather, Custom fabrics, Canvas, Faux fur, Exotics


All work is done on site without interruption to Sunday services by our team of professional upholsterers.

You will find experienced qualified craftsmen who have worked diligently over the years to perfect our reupholstering techniques. We offer affordable and beautiful option for your church furniture. Most churches have church pews and other furniture that would cost $25,000, $50,000 or more at today's prices to replace. The cost of new church pews has tripled and quadrupled over the last 20 years. At AW Canvas and Upholstery, we can provide pew upholstery for about 50-60% of the cost of new church pews. It only makes sense to protect this valuable investment made by your church.

Hotel & Motels

Services (Reupholstery or Repair)

Nightclubs, restaurant and hotel clients can call with emergencies. Furniture upholstery, headboards, curtains, booths, seating, and bar rails get damaged. Often a booth or seating piece has been ripped or torn and a quick reupholstering is needed before the next "rush hour". Our customer can rely on our quick service to pick up or repair on site the damaged furniture, reupholster it using fabrics from our large inventory, and return the like new booth or seat to the client if possible on the the same day.

Health Clubs

Services (Reupholstery or Repair) Gym equipment seating and pads; Pilates table; massage tables; mats

Using the best materials that precisely match the factory vinyl, we incorporate the use of the highest density closed-cell foams and custom rubber non-slip vinyl. We offer a web guard product that significantly reduces excess wear on the perimeter of pads, normally resulting from repeated dumbbell pounding and improper usage of the equipment by club members.

We understand that the success of a Health or Fitness Club relies on the sale and retention of memberships, AW Canvas & Upholstery can help strengthen your club's image and reputation as being a good-looking, well-managed facility.

Beauty Salons

Services (Reupholstery or Repair)

Station chairs, dryer chairs, waiting area seating, pedicure chairs, spa seats. Your salon equipment's appearance and comfort is critical to enhancing your client's experience and comfort. Help insure customer comfort, repeat business and improve your professional image at your salon by replacing your worn and outdated upholstery. AW Canvas & Upholstery provides commercial grade fabric, vinyl, leather and naugahyde upholstery for Beauty Salon Equipment and seating at a fraction of the cost of new. Best of all, you get to choose the fabric and patterns that best reflect the image you want your customer to have of your business. Click on the 'Request an Estimate" tab and we will give you an estimate. If you are unable to bring your items to us we provide on site service or pick up and delivery.


Services (Reupholstery or Repair)

Booths; bar stools; bar padding, and seating. AW Canvas & Upholstery gets calls from nightclub, restaurant and hotel clients with emergencies. Often a booth and sitting piece has been ripped or torn and a quick reupholstering is needed before the next "rush hour". Our customer can rely on our quick service to pick up or repair on site the damaged furniture, reupholster it using fabrics from our large inventory, and return the like new booth or seat to the client if possible on the the same day.


Services (Reupholstery or Repair)

Your corporate office and reception area serves a very important function and its not just for seating. It is a direct reflection of your company and how it is perceived by your customers and guest. Tired and worn out upholstery does not leave a good impression or experience for your customers and guests.New upholstery can work wonders for giving your corporate facilities a very cost effective facelift while leaving a positive first impression. AW Canvas & Upholstery has a wide range of fabrics and colors to meet your taste and budget. We can provide on site service or arrange for pickup and delivery that is most convenient for you and your hours of operations.


AW Canvas and Upholstery can reupholster and repair a wide range of commercial furniture and medical furniture at affordable prices. We offer on site services to minimize interruption and down time. We can arrange an appointment that is most convenient to you at your facility to explore what services and fabrics best fit your needs. Or, for your convenience you can request an estimate by providing pictures of the items by clicking on our "Request an Estimate" link.


Services (Reupholstery or Repair)

Industrial seating and upholstery for work stations and heavy equipment takes a real beating. Comfortable and durable upholstery is a must to maximize employee safety, productivity and job satisfaction. For a fraction of the cost of new seating, AW Canvas & Upholstery can provide your company a very cost effective solution by reupholstering your tired and worn out upholstery with durable yet comfortable material. We have materials that are specifically suited for your industrial applications.n AW canvas and Upholstery also has the expertise and capabilities to work with your product development team to provide prototype upholstery fabrication. We have fabricated prototypes for applications in law enforcement, firefighting, machinery, marine and automotive. We will work with you to develop the right solution for your needs and budget.

Awnings & Canopies


Recovering your dated and weathered awnings is an inexpensive way to give a major facelift to the appearance of your business. First impressions make a huge difference in a customer's decision to come into your establishment or not. Dramatically improve your customer's perception and catch new customers eye's by recovering or upgrading your businesses awnings at an amazingly affordable price.




AW Canvas & Upholstery is a registered and approved provider for the US Government and many state and local governmental agencies. We have done everything from designing, developing and fabricating products for law enforcement to reupholstering courtroom and jury seating. With over 75 years of combined upholstering experience we can have the experience to meet most any upholstery need.